Caber Partners is an alternative asset manager focussed on emerging markets and based in Singapore.

Caber’s vision is to originate and seed investment opportunities that are sponsored by individuals with outstanding track records in business, finance or technology.

In doing so, Caber is focussed on building funds that offer varying characteristics in terms of investment theme, time horizon, and liquidity, whilst offering market-beating risk-adjusted returns.





Chief Executive Officer

Robert Meyer

Chief Executive Officer, Caber Partners Pte Ltd

Founder & Managing Partner, Angsana Investments Pte Ltd

Angsana Investments is a private venture firm that is focussed on direct investments in early-stage opportunities.

Prior to joining Caber Partners, Robert co-founded SGX-listed Halcyon Agri Corporation Limited and served as its CEO from January 2013 to June 2020.

During his tenure, Halcyon Agri executed a buy-and-build roll-up strategy to create the world’s largest rubber franchise. In 2016, Halcyon Agri acquired the natural rubber business of Chinese state-owned Sinochem International Limited in a landmark transaction that valued the enlarged group at USD800m. At Halcyon Agri, Robert also initiated the launch of HeveaConnect, the world’s first digital marketplace for sustainable natural rubber, in partnership with Itochu Corporation and DBS Bank Limited and, most recently, SGX.

Robert has a keen interest in geopolitics and served on Singapore’s Economic Strategies Committee (ESC) in 2010. Presently, Robert is a member of the National University of Singapore Health International Council (NIC)

Paul Rogers

Paul ran Structured Finance on the trading desk for Asia at Lehman Brothers after running Structured Finance for Non-Japan Asia at UBS and subsequently founded CAM hedge fund and Skylan Real Estate Group.

Prior to Caber, Paul founded and ran Mountain Pine Capital investing in Venture and Private Equity in Singapore/ Asia-Pacific region primarily focusing in Tech, Life Sciences and F&B. 

Paul studied Economics & Japanese at SOAS London University before founding his first venture business in Japan. 

Ray Ferguson

Non-Executive Chairman, Aviva Singlife Holdings Pte Ltd

Non-Executive Chairman, Hashstacs Pte Ltd

Non-Executive Chairman, HeveaConnect Pte Ltd

Chairman, Caber Partners Pte Ltd

Senior Advisor, Olympus Capital Asia

Ray Ferguson is a renowned international banker, business leader and advisor. After an extensive executive career in banking across 5 continents in multiple Chairman, Board, Chief Executive and business leadership roles with Standard Chartered and Bank ABC, Ray, a Singaporean, lives in Singapore and has a portfolio of Asia Pacific financial industry and technology orientated board and investment interests.

Aviva Singlife Holdings is a regulated financial services holding company based in Singapore that is a result of the ongoing merger of Aviva Singapore and Singlife closed in November 2020. The combined business has S$11.8bn of assets and serves 1.5m customers in Singapore and Philippines.

Hashstacs or “STACS” is a Singapore FinTech firm providing a complete infrastructure, “Settlity”, to make global markets simpler. Settlity infrastructure offers various live enterprise front-end platforms, API connectivity layer, and the underlying proprietary STACS Technology. Simple, flexible, and readily available, our platforms allow financial institutions to deploy Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to simplify pivotal business activities. Our Mission is to empower financial institutions to discover new opportunities through our technology.

HeveaConnect Pte Ltd is a digital marketplace for sustainably processed natural rubber. Its principal shareholders are Halcyon Agri Ltd, DBS Bank and Itochu Corporation. It serves the natural rubber market with a one-stop shop and exclusive platform for farmers, producers, consumers as well as facilitators such as financial institutions, logistics and warehousing suppliers.

Caber Partners Pte Ltd is a Singapore based, MAS licenced Fund management company, with specific expertise in the setting up and on-going management as a Permissable Manager of Variable Capital Companies.

Olympus Capital Asia is an independent private investment firm that has been successfully investing in middle market companies across Asia for over 23 years. Since its founding in 1997, Olympus has invested more than $2.6 billion of equity capital on behalf of its funds and co-investors in over 65 portfolio companies throughout Asia, including China, India, Southeast Asia (e.g., Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam), Japan and South Korea. Olympus has a team of over 50 experienced investment professionals and Senior Advisors located in Hong Kong, New Delhi, Shanghai, Singapore, and the U.S.

Ray had a long and enjoyable tenure at Standard Chartered Bank in various capacities – Regional CEO, from 2007 to 2012., CEO of Singapore from 2009 to 2014. Other roles with Standard Chartered include Chairman Bank Permata (a subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank), CEO Americas, UAE, Indonesia and Taiwan. Between 2004 and 2017 he led the global business of Bank ABC, a Bahrain based international bank.


Full Name ISIN
Summary Of ANRO

The natural rubber sector offers a unique opportunity for investors to participate in a secular repricing of this important and irreplaceable commodity. Several years of under investment have taken their toll on potential upstream supply, whilst consumption patterns have emerged stronger from two challenging events: DieselGate (2016 to 2019, which ultimately accelerated the mobility revolution: EV’s, AI etc) and Covid-19 (2020, safe personal mobility, gloves, PPE, QEx, etc). The gestation period for rubber trees remains long: 6 years to first tapping, with another 2 years before the tree produces a commercially viable yield.

Angsana Natural Rubber Opportunities Fund (“ANRO”) is incorporated in Singapore as a Variable Capital Company (“VCC”). ANRO is currently one of the only natural rubber hedge funds in existence.

ANRO’s investment strategy targets absolute returns with an asymmetric upside by positioning in natural rubber futures. Our investment decisions are based on proprietary supply and demand models, rigorous macro-economic analysis and real-time physical market information. While we are uniquely focussed on natural rubber, we continuously reference natural rubber prices within the global commodity complex to understand fund flows and identify pricing signals that might originate outside of our sector. ANRO is committed to a risk-averse allocation model, and has established a strict risk framework that is overseen by an external and independent investment committee.

Fund Managers

Matthew Harder:


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